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The transition from being a cricketer doing his engineering to a cricketer who has completed his engineering has been a tricky one. For one, the time that I spend on my cricket has increased manyfold but then, now that the college cricket tours have stopped, the blog posts have dried up too.

Not counting my lame ass attempts to get back to blogging via indiblogger contests and a movie review, I know its been more than a year (last post-dec 2012) since I actually wrote and posted something decent here. So yes, sorry for that and also, thank you to those who wanted me to get back to blogging. Means a lot to me when I know that there are people who read my posts. So again, thank you.

My club team practices at IIT-MADRAS; scenic ground and amazing facilities. The campus in itself is huge stretching from adyar/guindy to velachery and taramani on either side. The ground is closer to the velachery gate so let’s take starting point as velachery. Now, I live in sowcarpet- the mystical land of seth (sae-ttu) figures and murukku sandwiches. From sowcarpet to velachery is approximately 18 kms which in Chennai traffic is close to an hour’s travel. In the 2 years that I’ve been practicing here, I’ve tried out a few shops along my route that I could stop by now and then for a quick bite. It is by this trial and error method that I came across this shop in gandhinagar- AROMA CAKES N BAKES that serves the best tandoori chicken grill sandwiches at rs 37 that I’ve eaten.

So yes, there I was this Friday at AROMA, with my chicken sandwich as always when two other customers there, smartly dressed and fancy 30k phone in hand, started discussing about their mobile phones. One was the excessively-loud-know-it-all-chennai-bornandbrought-up-‘dude’ and the other was your technically-brilliant-socially-meek-suburban guy. 30 seconds into the conversation, I knew that ‘these’ two were ‘these’ two.
Deivame, neenga engayo poiteenga!

 For the sake of simplicity, let’s call the first guy DUDE MACHAN (DM) and the second one ROUTE THALA (RT). Excerpts from the conversation…

DM: machan, I have to go to blah blah in gummidipoondi, I’ll search on google maps tell me the spelling.

RT: K-H-U-M-…..

DM: ha ha ha, dai there is no ‘h’ in gummidipoondi. Its K-U-M-… ( followed by the most insane spelling of gummidipoondi ever)

I let this go on, because well, English and spelling isn’t especially everyone’s strong point and I hate judging people on that. The conversation had now gone from google maps and atrocious spellings to features on their phones. DM as expected was at his peak.

DM: dai machan, the Bluetooth in this phone is amazing. It has a good range.

RT: what’s the range?

DM: I don’t know, 8 metres perhaps.

RT: cha, 8m is very small. 850 atleast.

DM: dai! Do u know how much 850m is! No chance!

RT: no no, I meant feet.

The actual range is 10m on his v3.0 bluetooth phone. DM was close enough.

DM: blah blah

RT: blah blah

RT: dude machan(he didn’t obviously call him that, I just don’t remember the guy’s name), there is this thing called wifi hotspot in my phone. Do you know what it is?

DM: adhuvaa da? Very simple. It is the same as Bluetooth but it has greater range. If say Bluetooth has 8m, this has 50m. that’s all, nothing big da.

I had by now payed the bill and was about to leave but this definitely had me in splits. Tethering maybe, but wifi hotspot is definitely not that and I knew it. DM had now moved on to discussing world politics as I started my bike (fine, activa!) and rode away. But that is when I got thinking. That is the problem with the world we live in; the intelligent ones never open their mouths and its usually the dumb ones oozing with confidence that get through. I am not saying that DM is stupid, he could be a genius at his field for all I know, but there he was not knowing anything about wifi hotspot and discussing it as if he had co invented it. And then there’s me. I knew exactly what it was but I had to google it just in case before posting it here, TWICE.

Not just me, I know that there are a lot of people out there brimming with ideas but not having the confidence to put them into action. To all of those people, for once do a DM. Stop putting too much thought into what people would think about you ‘IF’ you went wrong and just go ahead with the damn idea! Trust me, life would be so much better then.

Until next time,

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